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The main toobar will help you access the most common actions of CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Main Toolbar

You can have a label under each icon, by right clicking anywhere on the toolbar and checking Show text.

Screenshot: Main Toolbar with text

Explaining the buttons

Screenshot: New Icon Create a new project. It opens the startup screen for you to select the type of the compilation.

You can only open one compilation at the same time.

Screenshot: Open Icon Open an existing CDBurnerXP Project File. You can see more about this in the data- and audio-burning help section.

Screenshot: Save Icon Click this button to save your project. If you didn't save it before, you will be asked for a filename.

Screenshot: Dropbox Icon Show drop box.

Screenshot: Close Icon Close the current sub-window / project (not the main application).

Screenshot: Print Icon Click this button to access the (cover) printing features.

Screenshot: Erase Icon Erase your disc (applicable to rewritable discs.)

Screenshot: Burn Icon Start data / audio burning process.

Screenshot: Disc Information Icon Get disc information.

Screenshot: Recorder Information Icon Get recorder information.

Screenshot: Open Drive Icon Eject the disc (open drive tray).

Screenshot: Close Drive Icon Close drive tray.

Screenshot: Open Settings Icon Open settings dialog.

Screenshot: On-line Update Icon Start online update and download the latest version of CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Internet Link Icon Get internet links for CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Credits Icon See credits of CDBurnerXP.

Screenshot: Help Icon Open the help file.