Quick Toolbar

The quick toolbar is an additional toolbar to make some actions easier and quicker.

Screenshot: Quick Toolbar

Screenshot: Burn Icon Burn compilation. Depending on your settings a Burn Options window will appear.

Screenshot: Erase Icon Erase disc.

Screenshot: Clear Icon Clears the compilation list in the lower explorer viewing area.

Screenshot: Add Icon Add items to the compilation list.

Screenshot: Remove Icon Remove items from the compilation list.

Screenshot: Drive Icon View available drives.

Version requirement

This article applies to version 4.0.027 or higher.

In older versions of CDBurnerXP the selections are somewhat different, since it has been redesigned. The quick toolbar was originally designed for fast access to common actions: So if you clicked the Burn or Erase button, you wouldn't be asked again whether to continue or not. Be careful when using the Burn/Erase buttons.