Cover Printing

CDBurnerXP provides a simple over printing feature for both audio and data discs.

You can access the feature by going to File –> Print Cover in the menu or using Ctrl+P as shortcut.

Creating your own cover

Select the cover to print at the top, then choose your options below.

Additionally to the information you enter, a list of files will be displayed. For an audio disc, it will print the tracks you added to the compilation, using the select display format.

For a data disc the files and folders currently visible in the bottom right list of the main window will be printed (so you can freely choose which files to show).

In order to remove the number of copies from the cover, specify “0” number of copies in the dialog.

Using an existing cover image (v. 4.3.6)

If you downloaded an original CD or DVD cover (from sites like, you can use the option “Use cover images”. CDBurnerXP will then only print the selected images in the appropriate size on paper, without any additional information.

Parts of CD case
Front What you see through the front of the case.
Back What see through the back of the case plus the 2 spines (the little pieces attached).
Inlay What you see behind the disc, if transparent plastic is used to hold it (opposite side of the back).
Inside What you see on the left when opening the case (part of booklet).
Parts of DVD case
Front and Back A DVD cover is printed on a single sheet of paper and covers both the front and back of the case.


The LightScribe button in the bottom left corner will only appear if applicable, for more information on LightScribe read the KB article.