Privacy Policy

Error reports

If you encounter an error while using CDBurnerXP, and you decide an to send us an error report, only the following information will be submitted:

  • The name and version of your operating system
  • The error message, the stack strace and a list of all installed devices, as shown in the dialog
  • If you let the option enabled, a screenshot of the screen's content just before the error report dialog opened
  • Your e-mail address and description of the problem if you enter it
  • The version number of CDBurnerXP (as shown in the about dialog)

The received data will solely be used in attempt to solve your problem with CDBurnerXP. The information will not be shared with third parties, except for developers of third party components used in CDBurnerXP if it is required in order to fix the problem.

Working devices

If you submit a working drive, we collect the following information only:

  • Device vendor as shown in the dialog
  • Device model as shown in the dialog
  • Device type as shown in the dialog
  • The version number of CDBurnerXP (as shown in the about dialog)

Further system or personal information is not being submitted or stored. The submitted data is then publicly visible at

Usage of Cookies

Cookies will be used to store a user's settings (like login information at the forum or the preferred website language). No personal information is stored within these.

Additional to that, third parties which are not under our control may use cookies. This includes:

Note about Google ads: Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads based on your visit to this site and other sites on the Internet. You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Echo Nest music identification

This feature has been removed from current versions of CDBurnerXP.

For music identification (if you use the feature), CDBurnerXP generates a fingerprint of the song you identify (basically a “compressed” version of the music that only is a few KB in size) and submits it to EchoNest servers. No further data that identifies yourself or your file is submitted.

You may also want to check the EchoNest privacy policy.

Installer / OpenCandy

OpenCandy has been replaced by installCore in current versions of CDBurnerXP and is no longer active in older installers.

Installer / installCore

The default installer (setup packages without installCore are also available) makes use of the installCore advertisement platform. When installing CDBurnerXP, you are asked to review and accept the installCore Installation Guidelines.

This installer uses installCore to recommend other software you may find valuable during the installation of this software. installCore collects *NON-personally identifiable* information about this installation and the recommendation process. For further information, please review the documents below: