As of version a new properties dialog has been introduced, which as shown on the image below, allows the user to view same information about the object, as well as to make some changes.

Files and Folders Properties

On the text box located at the top of the dialog you are able to rename the object simply by editing the text there. Below the information of the object there is a Date field which allows you to change the date of the file. This can be done either by clicking on the numbers shown, and entering the new date by hand, or by clicking on the drop arrow. On the later case a date picker window appears, from which you can change the date using the mouse.

 Changing the date

This option allows you to make the folder or file hidden. This means that it will not be visible on a system explorer, unless the appropriate option has been activated on the system.

Note that you can select multiple objects at a time, allowing you to set a common date, or the hidden attribute for all of the objects. This dialog also allows you to see the total size of the objects selected. Renaming is not active on the multiple objects properties.

Multiple objects properties