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Here you can find information on features and bugs we are working on. To prevent spam and inappropriate reports, it is read-only for the public though. Use the forum to report bugs instead.

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Bugs y problemas conocidos en la versión actual

ID Descripción Desde la versión
170 Allow setting any date/time for files and folders 4.5
179 Overburning does no longer work in data burning mode 4.5

Registro de cambios

Una lista de los cambios recientes en CDBurnerXP, una lista completa también está disponible.

+ Nueva característica
* Cambios/Mejoras de Características
! Bug reparado
- Removed Feature (possibly because of many bugs)

Versión - 2018-09-23 15:23 UTC
  • +
    Added -writeonly flag for --list-drives command
Versión - 2017-11-04 17:11 UTC
  • +
    Optional crossfading for audio discs
  • *
    DPI improvements for video DVD dialog
  • !
    Fixed: Drive letter command line argument not working

Historial del desarrollo

2016-05-26, Thursday
6165Updated base translation file (BD XL)
2016-05-15, Sunday
6142Adjusted version number
2016-05-10, Tuesday
6136Added BD XL sizes for disc spanning
2016-05-05, Thursday
6130Always convert FLAC files to WAV, preventing the usage of problematic
DirectShow filters
6129Updated installer script
2016-04-30, Saturday
6123Changed protocol to HTTPs
2016-04-28, Thursday
6120Updated StarBurnX for license issue
2016-04-26, Tuesday
6114Version bump
2016-04-25, Monday
6112Updated to StarBurn 15.6
2016-04-18, Monday
6100Adjusted command line version for no-drive usage
2016-04-10, Sunday
6091Command line version now skips files that cannot be read (as the GUI
version does) and outputs a warning message
2016-04-08, Friday
6088Changed protocol to HTTPs for submitting drives
2016-03-19, Saturday
6067RTL'd audio burning dialog
2016-03-13, Sunday
6056Fixed: -format option in command line version prevents multi session discs
6055When copying from the audio track list per Ctrl+C, the clipboard is also
filled with the file names to allow pasting the selected files
2016-02-29, Monday
6041Initialise BASS with no output device if default device fails
2016-02-23, Tuesday
6034Use https protocol for update checking
6033Extended logging
2016-02-21, Sunday
6029Removed outdated menu item
6028Adjusted BASS error logging
2016-01-24, Sunday
6014Adjusted data burn options for RTL
2016-01-19, Tuesday
6008Added command line switch /od+update
2016-01-13, Wednesday
6001Fixed error message when importing compilations with directory names
exceeding the max. file name length
2015-12-29, Tuesday
5985Fixed a potentially untranslated string
2015-12-28, Monday
5983Fixed: "sr" languages not displayed in options
2015-11-09, Monday
5933Added sptdintf.dll and removed codegen.dll
2015-11-06, Friday
5929Updated OpenCandy
2015-11-05, Thursday
5927Updated StarBurn library (should fix CD-Text and supports SPTD 2.x)
2015-08-28, Friday
5861Upgraded solution files
2015-08-16, Sunday
5836Removed unused code
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