CDBurnerXP is a product of Canneverbe Limited.

Canneverbe Limited
companies register of Cardiff
Company No. 6549838

Canneverbe Limited (branch establishment in Germany)
Vegheler Str.13
D-47574 Goch

Additonal company information:
Geschäftsführer: Florian Schmitz
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Kleve
Registernummer: 9146

About me

I was born in 1987, live in Germany, and am an accomplished IT specialist since 2010.
I started developing CDBurnerXP in 2007, taking over from Stefan and Fredrik Haglund, the creators of CDBurnerXP. I founded the company Canneverbe Limited in 2008 for development and distribution of CDBurnerXP and other free applications.
I am still working full time at another company, Sander + Partner GmbH (WinWorker), which is also developing and distributing software (even using a similar development environment), so I can only devote a limited amount of time to the development of CDBurnerXP. Thanks to OpenCandy, which became the main source of income for Canneverbe Limited in 2010, it may, however, be possible to increase the development capacity for CDBurnerXP in the future.
Likes: Computing (obviously), food (though I do not look like it), the sun (if Visible == true), books, games (Zelda and RPGs in particular), anime.
Dislikes: Mobile phones (the ever empty battery and missing reception), politicians (most), poor tech support, partying.

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