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Here you can find information on features and bugs we are working on. To prevent spam and inappropriate reports, it is read-only for the public though. Use the forum to report bugs instead.

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Bekende fouten en problemen in de huidige versie

ID Omschrijving Sinds versie
170 Allow setting any date/time for files and folders 4.5
179 Overburning does no longer work in data burning mode 4.5

Veranderingen Logboek

Een lijst van alle recente veranderingen in CDBurnerXP Pro, er is ook een volledige lijst beschikbaar.

+ Nieuwe Functie
* Veranderde/Verbeterde Funcite
! Opgeloste Fout
- Removed Feature (possibly because of many bugs)

Versie - 2019-11-19 19:19 UTC
  • *
    Better error message when trying to create an ISO image without files
  • !
    Fixed potential OverflowException in speed selection
Versie - 2019-03-24 17:39 UTC
  • !
    Fixed: Selected burning speed may change while burning multiple copies


2017-10-17, Tuesday
6759Fixed tab order in audio track properties
2017-10-16, Monday
6756Updated language file
6755Using existing translation
6754Updated language file
2017-10-15, Sunday
6752Optional crossfading for audio discs
6751Updated language file
6750Version bump
2017-09-26, Tuesday
6731Updated StarBurnX
2017-08-02, Wednesday
6722Updated StarBurn
2017-06-16, Friday
6675Added logging level setting
2017-06-13, Tuesday
6670Adjusted methods for refreshing drive information
2017-06-09, Friday
6665Updated StarBurn
2017-05-07, Sunday
6629Test Build error
6628Test Build error
6627Fixed compiler
6626Removed unnecessary dispose call
6625DPI improvements for video DVD dialog
2017-04-17, Monday
6604DPI improvements for ISO image dialog
6603Resource file update
6602DPI improvements for copy disc dialog
2017-04-11, Tuesday
6595Fixed potential crash when refreshing media info
2017-03-26, Sunday
6578Updated Fusion SDK
2017-03-12, Sunday
6563Disabled ads in silent mode
2017-02-19, Sunday
6541Updated id-ID translation (installer)
2017-02-15, Wednesday
6535Updated id-ID translation
2017-01-22, Sunday
6510Fixed incorrect errror handling in import session dialog
6509Fixed: Audio tracks might be reprocessed again when burning multiple copies
6485Updated StarBurn (issue: ISO files may not be ripped correctly)
2016-11-13, Sunday
6435Made fast folder synchronisation optional (UserSettings.ini -> [General]
-> UseFastFolderSynchronisation). As long as disabled, the directory
tree will show all sub folders. This may not work in some cases though
(network paths with partial permissions on the selected file tree).
2016-11-09, Wednesday
6424Added Continue/Abort choice in warning message if not all tracks could be
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