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Here you can find information on features and bugs we are working on. To prevent spam and inappropriate reports, it is read-only for the public though. Use the forum to report bugs instead.

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Bekende fouten en problemen in de huidige versie

ID Omschrijving Sinds versie
170 Allow setting any date/time for files and folders 4.5
179 Overburning does no longer work in data burning mode 4.5

Veranderingen Logboek

Een lijst van alle recente veranderingen in CDBurnerXP Pro, er is ook een volledige lijst beschikbaar.

+ Nieuwe Functie
* Veranderde/Verbeterde Funcite
! Opgeloste Fout
- Removed Feature (possibly because of many bugs)

Versie - 2019-11-19 19:19 UTC
  • *
    Better error message when trying to create an ISO image without files
  • !
    Fixed potential OverflowException in speed selection
Versie - 2019-03-24 17:39 UTC
  • !
    Fixed: Selected burning speed may change while burning multiple copies


2021-01-30, Saturday
7237Updated Polish translation
2021-01-19, Tuesday
7236Updated French translation
2020-10-31, Saturday
7235Updated German translation
2020-05-11, Monday
7234Fixed an ArgumentOutOfRange exception in edit CD-Text
2020-02-16, Sunday
7227Updatee sr-Latn resources from CS to RS
2019-12-22, Sunday
7168Added BD XL 100 and 128 GB to sizebar context menu
2019-11-17, Sunday
7130Updated {sendto} variable
2019-10-14, Monday
7107Better error message when trying to create an ISO image without files
2019-06-15, Saturday
7051Fixed potential OverflowException in speed selection
2019-05-30, Thursday
7048Copy license to application folder when installing
7047Added license link to about screen
2019-03-03, Sunday
7046Updated CZ translation
2019-03-02, Saturday
7045Fixed: Selected burning speed may change while burning multiple copies
2018-12-19, Wednesday
7044Updated Fusion SDK
2018-10-22, Monday
7041Updated Fusion SDK
2018-10-18, Thursday
7040Updated Fusion SDK
2018-09-04, Tuesday
7035Updated Auth-Key
7034Updated Fusion SDK
2018-02-11, Sunday
6901HTTPS links in setup
2018-01-28, Sunday
6886Reverted test change
6885Added -writeonly flag for --list-drives command
2017-12-07, Thursday
6832Using BASS default device for testing purposes
2017-11-01, Wednesday
6792Updated Fusion SDK
6791Updated German translation
6790Fixed compatibility issue in audio area
2017-10-21, Saturday
6772Fixed DPI issues in audio burning dialog
2017-10-20, Friday
6769Fixed compiler
2017-10-19, Thursday
6766Fixed: Drive letter command line argument not working
2017-10-17, Tuesday
6761Updated code style
6760Fixed custom gap behaviour
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