Copy Audio Disc

A complete visual tutorial for Copying an Audio disc is available. The tutorial is also available for Viewing and Saving in pdf format.

Select “Create Audio CD”

Screenshot: Create Audio CD

Insert the Audio disc you want to copy.

Locate the Audio CD on your computer.

Select and highlight it so it displays in the upper right Explorer viewing area.

Screenshot: Explorer Tab

Select —> File —> Copy audio CD

Screenshot: Copy audio CD...

Place a Check in the Use buffer protection (if it is not already checked).

If, you have multiple media drives:

Select the appropriate drive from the “Select target device.”

Insert a blank recordable CD-R disc into the appropriate drive.

Select —> Copy disc

Screenshot: Copy Audio Disc

If, you only have a single media drive you will see this prompt.

Remove the disc you are copying.

Insert a blank recordable CD-R disc.

Select Retry

Screenshot: Retry

Select OK

Screenshot: OK

You can play your new audio disc.

Select —> View —> Audio player

Screenshot: Select Audio player

The Audio player will appear.

Screenshot: Select Audio player

Add tracks to the lower explorer viewing area using the green Add icon.

Select and highlight the track you want to hear.

Right click the highlighted track.

Select Play track.

Screenshot: Select Audio player