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Troubleshooting and errors

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General errors

No CD/DVD drive was detected on this system
Make sure that you either have administrative rights, or you chose to “provide CD/DVD access to any user” when installing CDBurnerXP. If the option in setup did not help, you can also try using NeroBurnRights.

Most of the time, if a drive is not detected properly, depending on your chipset, it helps to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager or the RAID drivers for AMD chipsets.

If you are using an USB drive, make sure that the USB cable is properly plugged in. CDBurnerXP usually works well with USB drives, so this is a likely cause if your drive is not detected.

Make sure that the drive letter of the drive is between D and Z. If necessary, change it.

Another option is to update the firmware of your drive.

If all else fails, you might want to check KB:929461 or try to disable the AHCI mode. Also, go to the forums and have a look if anyone else had your problem before and if they found a solution.
The application hangs at startup
Try removing all unnecessary USB devices like USB sticks and check if that makes a difference.
If no disc is inserted in the drive, try inserting a writable disc.
Some applications/devices may interfere with drive access. Currently known is VirtualDrive Pro and MagicJack. To make CDBurnerXP work, please either uninstall/unplug the conflicting application/device or try using the SPTD mode of CDBurnerXP.
Knowledgebase Articles
KB1: Burning audio discs doesn't work
KB2: Error after choosing a compilation type in CDBurnerXP
KB11: Error reports with no fix possible
KB12: You did not select a burning device
KB16: Adding files with portable version does not work
Application has generated an exception that could not be handled
You can read information on that error in the FAQ
The audio file has an invalid format
Try updating the Windows Media Player to the latest version. If that does not help, check
Root element is missing (error at startup)
Try to delete the file specified in the error message.
CDBurnerXP keeps accessing the floppy drive periodically
Avira Antivir could be a cause of that problem. There is a discussion in their support forums.
Setup does not detect the .NET Framework installation correctly
In this case you can manually add a registry-key, so that the setup knows (or at least thinks) that .NET is installed. The key you have to add is


If you don't know how to edit the registry, you can also download and start this reg-file.

CDBurnerXP does not detect the correct disc size
If this is the case, you can set the disc size manually by rightclick on the sizemeter (bottom).
CDBurnerXP incorrectly says that the loaded disc is not empty
See or

Burning errors

All information here:
devTrackingServoFailure: could not write to disc
If you are burning an ISO image, make sure that it is not corrupted.
Medium reading data from medium / Sense key: 3, ASC 2, ASCQ 0
Possibly there are burning programs installed which conflict with CDBurnerXP. Try uninstalling other programs. A known problematic component is GearSec.exe.
Device error:(264448) Could not write to Disc … Track Following Error
Try a different brand of mediums.
Check the power supply, the drive might not get enough power.
The computer vibrates to such an extent that the laser can not stay in the track. In particular if an optical drive is being used as the source device.
The device has become hot, try to operate in cool condition.
Clean the lens of your drive, it might have become dirty.
If all of the above did not help, check additional information.
Device error:(16711680) Could not write to Disc … SCSI Pass-through Interface I/O Error-0xFF0037
Try different media (for example Verbatim) and lower burning speeds. If both does not help, your drive might be out of order.